Are you looking for a way to get connected to other people while studying the Word of God? If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus and take next steps, you need people surrounding you to encourage you, challenge you, and be there for you. Life Groups are a great opportunity for you to foster relationships with others and get connected to our church. 

We believe life change happens in the context of relationships.

Contact a Life Group directly via email  or
call the Church Office for assistance at (281) 855-0222 x.301
  • Tuesday Women's bible Study

    9:30am, every Tuesday

    Host: Mary Sweeney

    All women are welcome to join Mary at Lifepath Church every Tuesday at 9:30am for Bible study.

    Unable to accommodate children.


  • The romeo's

    Meeting every Tuesday!

    8:30am @ IHOP for breakfast

    10:00am @ Lifepath for Bible study

    Host: John Sweeney

    The ROMEO's (Retired Old Men Eating Out) is not only a fellowship of retired men but we also welcome any man who would like to join us.


  • cycling group

    3rd Saturday @ 7 am

    Host: Stuart Lee

    This group is led by Stuart and will meet for bike rides in local parks, trails and roads. Contact Stuart via email using this link in order to find out where the next trail ride will be!

    Children with parents are welcome. 


  • Jitters for jesus

    Every other Thursday @ 6:30 pm

    Host: Benny & Kathy Trejo

    Benny and Kathy will host a Bible study about "Fruit of the Spirit" in their home.

    Unable to accommodate children. 


  • In the kitchen with lifepath

    1x per month on Saturday @ 9am

    Host: JoAnn Stevenson

    JoAnn will lead a cooking group at Lifepath church. 

    Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult. 


  • Ministry is a lifestyle

    Sunday @ 9:30am

    Host: Stan & Jo Ann Stevenson

    This is a Sunday morning Life Group that meets at Lifepath Church and includes DVD series by Lucado, Ortberg, Stanley and others. 

    Childcare is available through Kidztown Children's Ministry. 


  • Dog park!

    Bi-Weekly at 6:45pm to 7:45pm

    Host: Pastor Rich Reaves

    This group will meet bi-weekly at Upper Horsepen Creek Park to hang out with human and furry friends plus God's Word and prayer. 


  • choir

    Every Sunday at 8:00 am & rehearsals

    Host: Jay Blanton

    The Sunday morning Traditional Service Choir is a Life Group that sings for the congregation every Sunday morning at the 8:30am early service. Rehearsals are 10:00am on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday at Lifepath Church.


  • Game night

    One Friday night per month from 7pm to 8pm

    Host: Jackie Martinez

    Jackie will host a game night in her house once a month. Children are welcomed with an adult. 


  • Garden of weedin'

    Meetings to be Announced

    Host: Sue Bright

    Join Sue at the Lifepath Community Garden and sometimes other locations. Meet to garden together and learn more about gardening from guest speakers. 

    Children are welcome with an adult. 


  • board & card games

    2nd Friday per month at 9:30am

    Host: Kennith and Maureen Arriola

    Kennith & Maureen will lead this fun Life Group at Lifepath Church. 

    Unable to accommodate children. 


  • Zoom bible study

    Every other Thursday @ 7pm

    Host: Pastor Elliott Scott

    Join Pastor Elliott online via zoom for a biweekly Bible Study. 


  • Men's ministry

    2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 7pm

    Host: Pastor Elliott Scott

    All men are welcome to join Pastor Elliott at Lifepath Church for a men's ministry group. 

    Unable to accommodate children. 


  • Jewish roots of our faith

    Every other Tuesday @ 7pm

    Host: Stuart and Debbie Lee

    Stuart and Debbie will host a study from their home every other Tuesday to dive into the Jewish Roots of Our Faith. 

    Unable to accommodate children. 


If you are interested in beginning a small group, please contact the Church Office at (281) 855-0222 x.302